The woman who faces the fertility treatment and the Doctor who supports it. [The industry's first application that can connect with clinics to support pregnant and fertility treatment] KARADAkarada

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Look, Support, Connect

To the environment and service to be positive about infertility treatment
KARADAkarada aims to be the cutting edge of health care services and supports your body by leveraging ICT and the iPhone.
KARADAkarada will provide services specializing in the treatment of pregnant women who want to have babies and for doctors who support them.

Applications where users and doctors are connected with ITC and iPhone

I want to talk to someone casually.
I want to consult a doctor at a clinic that suits me.
I want to manage a basic body temperature and the inspection data smartly.
I want to know the ovulation day at a glance.
We respond to the "I want to" of trying to get pregnant.

Various functions link up and back up daily activities.
It is a support application that responds to the feeling of facing the conception activity.





Features for users

Features for users

Making the state of your body visible

Making the state of your body visible

It predicts the period of the ovulation day and the body from the basal body temperature and the physiology day to enter every day.
When you launch the app, you can check the state of the planned ovulation date and the body schedule.
The data you enter can be printed out as a basal body temperature table.
Data transmission

Data transmission

The person having the thermometer for the woman made by TDK can transfer thermometry data to application by wireless.
It is this about the electronic thermometer for the woman made by TDK
≫≫Thermometer website for the woman made by TDK
To inform the clinic's message

To inform the clinic's message

The clinic that works with KARADAkarada will send you notifications, so you don't have to check with your clinic yourself.
It also informs you of the clinic's closing and holding seminars.
The function of this app is also useful for people who are hesitant to visit the clinic or those who have already consulted.
Working with the iPhone standard healthcare app

Working with the iPhone standard healthcare app

The data you enter on a daily basis is also recorded in the iPhone's health care app.
You don't have to enter the same data over and over again if you're using an app from a KARADAkarada.
It corresponds to Apple Watch

It corresponds to Apple Watch

It is necessary to put the basal temperature every day when waking up in the morning. Record your basic body temperature easily with an Apple watch.

Features for doctors

Features for doctors

Sending clinic information from the app

Sending clinic information from the app

You will be able to announce your clinic's closing date, seminar information, and the appeal of the clinic.
For potential patients, it is possible to attract customers by informing them of the good points of the clinic, and it is possible to increase the value of the clinic by informing patients during the consultation with more dense information.
Connect with patients

Connect with patients

If you register the patient, you can view the body pocketbook of the target patient at any time.
Until now, the basic body temperature table to be used only temporarily when the patient visits the clinic becomes paperless and refreshing.
As one way to increase patients

As one way to increase patients

This app is provided as a free smartphone app (iPhoneApp) for many users.
Because the information of a clinic and the clinic is covered in the application, it is possible to expect the effect of increasing the patient by various PR.

We try to have a better environment for sending patients

This app is a new and comprehensive medical support service that spec sends out. In the future will build a system for sending patients, linking patients and clinics.
We will also develop a system to complement and support patients (and healthy persons) and medical care.




KOBE Biomedical Innovation Cluster

We are cooperating KBIC



Since 1998, the KOBE Biomedical Innovation Cluster has established a research and development base for advanced medical technology in the "Port Island" in Kobe City, and has been working to accumulate medical-related industries, which are the growth industry in the 21st century, through collaboration with industry-academia officials.
As well as the "urban Revitalization project" of the country, it was promoted as a project aimed at "cluster of the First Life Science (health science) field" Japan. Over 19 years have passed since the conception, advanced medical research institutes, highly specialized medical hospitals, and more than 330 companies and universities have grown into Japan's largest biomedical cluster.

In April 2017, the KOBE Biomedical Innovation Cluster Lab. was established in the spec in support of the Kobe medical industry concept.
Through the original Health care Service & Application "Karadakarada", we will continue to assist and support the aging of small children and ICT applications with Kobe City.

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*Recorded data is limited to use of information sharing with doctors, doctors do not use for diagnosis.

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